Your kids will love this fabulous meal anytime of year!  Yogurt soup is both healthy and delicious, making it yet another way to provide your family with a nutritious meal. Yogurt is an important part of an overall healthy meal plan. However, most North American families only enjoy it as a snack. People everywhere should learn from older civilizations, like Turkey and others in Central Asia, who ate foods prepared in certain ways that provide optimum health benefits.


Probiotic Yogurt Soup

Most around the world enjoy various dairy products, but yogurt goes above and beyond the average. Yogurt is fermented, and today, we are realizing the health benefits of fermented foods. A diet rich in fermented foods keeps the gut in check. A healthy gut is the alpha and omega of overall good health. As more is being understood about the digestive system and how it may be responsible for numerous diseases if it is unhealthy, more emphasis is focused on probiotics.

Yogurt with live cultures provides the probiotics the body requires to keep a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria that thrive in the intestines. When there is an imbalance, the body is put at all types of risk. There are claims the unhealthy gut is responsible for the prevalence of autism. Probiotic supplements increase the good bacteria in the gut, but that’s not enough. Supplements are there to supplement the diet. The key is to eat better, and in this case, eat fermented foods, like yogurt.

About Greek Yogurt

Eating Greek yogurt and preparing recipes made with Greek yogurt are the best way to go. Although, we highly recommend homemade yogurt. (See video on how to make yogurt at home).  Make all natural yogurt at home (preferably with raw milk). Use it to interchange milk and yogurt for a healthier meal, dessert, or snack. You can even make a healthier cake, like the Greek Yogurt Crumb Cake! What a treat that is, too.

While all these are incredible food choices, bringing yogurt front and center on the dinner table, as with yogurt soup, is an exceptional effort in improving your diet and that of your family.

Yogurt soup may be cooked with various ingredients. Flavor it with different herbs according to taste. One thing you can be sure of is giving your family a wonderfully nutritious and delicious main course. Click the link for the video and yogurt soup recipe.