Do you really need a yogurt maker to make homemade yogurt? The answer is a simple no. However, such an appliance will help you tremendously along the way when making this healthy snack. The trick to making yogurt is maintaining a certain temperature and level of humidity throughout the process. Without a yogurt maker you would have to place it in the oven, which would tie up the oven for several hours, prohibiting you from using it for other meals. So, this small appliance comes in really handy. Below, learn how to choose a yogurt maker that’s right for you.

Thankfully, there are numerous brands and models available on the market today. The majority of them comprise of an incubator which maintains the ideal temperature necessary to make yogurt. Also, most of these appliances use electricity to function. The simplest type of yogurt maker will provide two containers in which to place the raw ingredients in two steps, along with a strainer. Others provide small jars. The more jars available with the model chosen, the more yogurt you can produce. The small jars can hold about 6 ounces of yogurt, making them a single serving. This is the ideal option for someone who wants to quickly pack it in the lunchbox and avoiding different steps.

How to Choose a Yogurt Maker – Size Matters!

Size is definitely a factor worth considering. For the most part, yogurt makers can make anywhere from 1 to 2 quarts per batch. According to the size of the family and the yogurt consumption foreseen, this should be a good guide or indicator as to which size to purchase.

How to Choose a Yogurt Maker

The automatic timer feature indicates when fermentation has been completed. In some models, there is also an automatic shut off feature. It really is best to choose one with an audible alarm so that you are notified as to when the fermentation is done. It is important, however, to be around when the yogurt is finished fermenting in order to place it in the refrigerator. If left in the machine, the yogurt will continue to ferment, leading to a more tarty taste which doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Whatever the case, fermentation takes about 12 hours, and sometimes longer. Therefore, one should plan ahead as to when they will be available to remove the container from the machine and place it in the fridge.

Those with a busy lifestyle can’t always be at home to complete the yogurt production. There are newer yogurt makers with automatic cooling! This  allows you to use any type of milk. Make rice, almond, or soy milk into a delicious and healthy yogurt. The built-in cooling system shuts off the heat and shifts to the ideal chilling temperature. This feature makes it extremely convenient for busy families.