With more people trying to eat healthy, it’s important to know what’s what. The yogurt industry is a huge market for many reasons, but not all yogurt is created equal. Reading nutrition labels is key to ensuring that your “health food” really is healthy. Creative marketing can fool consumers, so keep that in mind. Be a smart consumer and learn how to read nutrition labels. Below is a great video that explains the 10 health benefits of yogurt – some of which may surprise you.


10 Health Benefits of Yogurt

While the video demonstrates just 10 Health Benefits of Yogurt there are more. This site is dedicated to yogurt in all its glory, so feel free to look around and get as much information, yogurt recipes, and more. Not all of us are truly aware of the benefits and advantages that come with eating yogurt. Knowingly or unknowingly, yogurt has a direct affect on our health in numerous ways. Here, we examine yogurt and present it to people around the world so that they can introduce it in their diets in as many ways as is possible to reap the rewards that come with it.

Yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk – ANY milk. Different forms of yogurt are popular all over the world like Dahi, Greek, Curd, Kefir, Matsoni, Rahmjoghurt, Jameeed and Zabadi. Over the years, yogurt has taken on different “shapes” and is now available in many unique forms such as frozen yogurt, flavored yogurt, and more! Various brands are also available but nothing is better than what you make at home. At the very least, buy the best you can afford if you aren’t willing to make it yourself.