It’s not as difficult as you may think to make Greek yogurt. Follow the step-by-step easy homemade Greek yogurt recipe tutorial to reap all the benefits that this protein- full snack is ready to provide you and your family. Forget about buying it. Homemade is always best as you get to control every ingredient that goes into it. There’s no sense in turning a healthy snack food into something that can cause just as much harm, as could be the case with some commercial yogurt products. It doesn’t take so long, it certainly isn’t complicated, and anyone can do it in fact, you don’t even need a yogurt maker, although it can help make the process even simpler. This recipe shows exactly how to make homemade Greek yogurt overnight right in your own oven.

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Greek yogurt is one of the best snacks that you can eat and as the Western world understands it better with time, more benefits are discovered. Filled with live bacterial cultures that will keep the gut flora in check, no one should go without it, not even for a day. It’s good for all ages and for different reasons. It’s, but all these package goods are loaded with chemicals, additives, preservatives. Even when commercial yogurt brands add fruit to make it look like it’s a healthier product, it only gets worse. Oftentimes, the added fruit comes with added sugars and sweeteners!

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