Fermented foods are excellent for the body. One fermented food is yogurt. Greek yogurt is the same as regular yogurt in the way it is fermented, with the only difference being that it is strained for a longer period. Straining yogurt longer removes more whey, leaving behind a thicker yogurt with more protein. However, that’s not all! Greek yogurt probiotics are greater than in regular yogurt because the former is more concentrated than the latter.

It can be quite complicated when we try to understand calories, carbohydrates, various nutrients, and so on. One reason for the complication is that all the nutrients and benefits are altered when cooking is involved, but there are many other reasons for these changes that occur in foods. Read this article to the end to ensure you fully understand what happens to probiotics when these changes occur.

Understanding Greek Yogurt Probiotics And More

Simply put, probiotics are a microorganism much like those found in the digestive system. These microorganisms are the good bacteria, and probiotics promote more of this good bacteria. In promoting good bacteria, harmful bacteria become reduced. This action leads to a stronger immune system. Greek yogurt provides natural probiotics to benefit the gut and the immune system.

Greek yogurt probiotics

Greek Yogurt Probiotics and How They Help

Increasing the amount of good quality Greek yogurt consumed helps the body absorb vital nutrients that promote immune health. Various gastrointestinal conditions may be corrected through the consumption of Greek yogurt, such as IBS, constipation, diarrhea, and lactose intolerance. However, in some cases, it may do the opposite, causing an individual more grief. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a food log to easily determine the cause of increased gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. If it is the case where an individual is experiencing troubles with consuming yogurt, the solution could be as simple as starting slow and gradually increase the amount of Greek yogurt consumed.

How To Know Which Yogurt Contains Probiotics

To ensure you are choosing the best Greek yogurt available, read the label on the package, which should read, “contains live cultures.” The product label may also provide more information, such as the type of probiotic strain. The best choice would be a commercial Greek yogurt product that contains more than just one strain.

How to Add More Greek Yogurt in Your Diet

Since this fermented food is good for you, it’s important to increase the amount you eat in your diet. Greek yogurt health benefits are numerous, as mentioned above, so to increase consumption, choose Greek yogurt over other ingredients. For example, replace mayonnaise or sour cream with Greek yogurt in various recipes. Cream cheese may even be substituted with Greek yogurt, providing not only great health benefits but also a significant reduction in calories. Click the yogurt recipes link.

How to Cook with Greek Yogurt

As mentioned above, all foods become altered when they are cooked, and Greek yogurt is not immune. Therefore, when cooking with Greek yogurt, it is imperative not to surpass 120°F. Overheating Greek yogurt will destroy the probiotics or the bacteria within the yogurt. So, a good trick to avoiding the destruction of the good bacteria in the yogurt is to temper the yogurt. This process requires the addition of two or 3 tablespoons hot liquid or food to the yogurt, which will warm the yogurt. Once the food is completely cooked, just add the tempered yogurt into the pot, avoiding it from becoming overheated.