Greek yogurt benefits and the snack food itself are all the rage these days, even though it has been a staple in Greek cuisine for centuries. In fact, Greek yogurt is actually strained yogurt, or regular yogurt that has a thick consistency as much of its liquids have been removed. The end result is a sour taste, free of sugar, with the creamier and richer traditional yogurt remaining.

Greek Yogurt Benefits

As such, Greek yogurt contains more proteins than regular yogurts found in grocery stores in the Western world. The Greek yogurt benefits far outweigh those of regular yogurt.

As strained yogurt has much of its whey removed, a better, healthier food remains. So, it also means that Greek yogurt more expensive, in most cases. In turn, that also means that you can also consume less and still get the same benefits as regular yogurt. For those who prefer saving money or prefer a homemade version, there are simple ways to make your own Greek yogurt at home.

How to Make Greek Yogurt

The simplest way to go about this is to purchase a yogurt maker, although you can prepare it at home using equipment already existing in your kitchen, including a pot, a ladle, a tray, small dishes or bowls, and the like. It’s always best to use a food thermometer to ensure the milk you are using is reaching its ideal temperature at every step of the way. Milk will have to be boiled for some of its water content, or whey, to be evaporated. For the perfect Greek yogurt recipe click here. It can also be made thicker through the addition of powdered milk or butterfat.

Greek yogurt benefits

How to Make Greek Yogurt with a Yogurt Maker

Of course, using a modern small appliance known as a yogurt maker, the whole process becomes simplified. You will, however, still be required to heat the milk thoroughly before transferring it into the yogurt maker. There it will be kept at the ideal temperature for as long as necessary, with a timer setting the machine off at the appropriate time. From there, the yogurt will have to be cooled and later strained to the desired consistency.

That said, Greek yogurt takes roughly a day to make . It all depends on the end result expected by each consumer. Moreover, you can enjoy making Greek yogurt with whole milk, a mixture of whole milk and cream, milk low in fat, and nonfat milk, which will all render a thicker and creamier product when compared to non-strained yogurts.

Another Greek yogurt benefit that comes with is that the process of straining also leads to a reduction in lactose, meaning less sugar and carbohydrates to be consumed, a perfect solution for anyone who is following a low carbohydrate diet. Having said that, making your own Greek yogurt at home means making it the way you want, without any added sugar, which is unfortunately common practice in North America. So, your healthy snack can really be healthy. If sugar consumption is a problem, such as with diabetes or when trying to lose weight, opt for homemade Greek yogurt.