As people move toward enjoying a healthier lifestyle, they need to start making more health conscious decisions. For instance, a sedentary lifestyle has been compared to smoking, because it’s that bad for you. Diet is another huge issue that’s on the table. Living life in the fast lane leads to people making poor diet choices. We need to slow down. We need to learn what’s more important, because, without good health, there is nothing. Everything else can be repaired and remedied. Even when good food choices are made, it’s important to know if there’s anything better. For instance, people realize the importance of yogurt and its health benefits. However, many question whether Greek yogurt is a better option. With that, people have raised the question, “is Greek frozen yogurt healthier than regular frozen yogurt?


So, Is Greek Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Regular Frozen Yogurt?

That is an excellent question. To answer the question, one must understand the benefits of Greek yogurt, for starters. However, to sum it up, Greek yogurt is strained yogurt. Therefore, it is richer in protein and other vital nutrients. So, Greek yogurt is a healthier option compared to regular yogurt.

Having said that, it only makes sense that Greek frozen yogurt is better for you than regular frozen yogurt. However, understand that regular frozen yogurt is a better option to ice cream. So at least if you have made the transition from ice cream to regular frozen yogurt, you are on a better path. But, there are better choices among commercial products that need to be understood beforehand. For example, many commercial frozen yogurt and Greek frozen yogurt products are put through a heat process that kills much of the live bacterial cultures that make yogurt such a healthy food. Naturally, if the live bacterial cultures are killed off through another process, it greatly reduces the health benefits of Greek frozen yogurt and regular frozen yogurt.

How to Distinguish Quality and Healthy Greek Yogurt Frozen Products

It is your responsibility to learn which foods are better for you and your family. Thankfully, there is help even in the frozen yogurt industry. The National Yogurt Association applies a seal that ensures the live bacterial cultures are found in a given product. From there, it is up to the individual consumer to choose the best frozen yogurt product.

Furthermore, learn to read the labels. Crucial information is provided on nutrition labels, but they can be misleading and confusing. Once you are literate in reading the nutrition labels, making conscious healthy food choices will be much easier, and you can rest assured that you are giving your family the very best.

How to Make Greek Yogurt

Make Yogurt Pops