To begin with, constipation is a common problem, especially among adults but also with children. Constipation is defined as, by modern medicine, a limit of three bowel movements per week amount of bowel movements. However, traditionally, constipation is defined as the lack of a bowel movement on a daily basis. Truthfully, a healthy bowel is one where an individual eliminates waste at least twice each day and ultimately three times daily. That should lead many to rethink their health efforts and encourage better bowel movements. Those who have may find what should be beneficial may actually come with side effects. That brings people to ask, “does yogurt cause constipation?” Learn all the pros and cons of yogurt before you suffer.

Constipation is due to a digestive problem of some sort. To the dismay of many, excessive amounts of dairy products can cause constipation. Yogurt, being a dairy product, is no exception, and it can also lead to constipation for those who are lactose intolerant or have other digestive issues.

The Pros and Cons of Yogurt

Constipation only worsens with dairy products that include excessive amounts of chemical additives and preservatives. For the most part, with regards to teenagers and adults, yogurt can actually aid in remedying constipation. For some, it means adding a little bit of yogurt to their diet, slowly increasing the amount, but without overdoing it.

It is the consensus among those knowledgeable in the field that Greek yogurt is the best choice to deal with constipation because it contains more nutrients than its regular yogurt counterpart. However, read the label to ensure the chosen yogurt contains a good amount of live bacterial culture. Live bacterial cultures can correct gastrointestinal problems. These friendly bacteria are beneficial to the digestion process.

Does Yogurt Cause Constipation?

Do not over-consume yogurt because it is rich in calcium and iron. Iron and calcium are known causes of constipation.

Does Yogurt cause constipation

The chemical additives and preservatives found in commercially produced yogurts can cause constipation and major health problems. Therefore, understand nutrition labels prior to purchasing a product.

Make your own yogurt, regular or Greek, to avoid these added preservatives. It is also a smart way to eliminate added sugars typically found in these commercial products.

The live bacterial cultures found in yogurt can rebuild the ecosystem within the digestive system. This will make the immune system stronger and more. Because Greek yogurt is strained, it contains more proteins and beneficial bacteria. All this will improve health and promote a healthy gut. Start slowly and gradually increase the serving size for the best results and to avoid becoming constipated.